Terms and Conditions

Belt Bag Upcycling

ALL ITEMS ARE HAND MADE and unique pieces: the order in quantity of each article implies inevitably slight differences of replication.
Belt Bag is committed to respect all the characteristics of the items presented in the set of samples. Upon receipt of the order, different objections from the characteristics of the items, as specified in the agreement, will not be considered.

Shipment Information
Belt Bag will deliver the products to the customer by courier all over Italy (including islands) and in the following countries: Switzerland , Austria, France, Germany ,Belgium ,Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, Spain and Portugal, USA, Australia, New Zeland, Brazil. For other nations please contact us through the form “Conctact us”.

The prices quoted are retail, expressed in EURO and include VAT. Quoted prices exclude the cost of shipping.

For requests on quantity orders and wholesale prices, made by shops, please contact directly Belt Bag through the form “Contact us”.
All items are samples . If in stock, they will be shipped within 3 days from the order online, plus the time needed for delivery (3-5 days). For orders in amounts, Belt Bag reserves 15 days of production time which must be added delivery time (5-10 days).
The payments for multiple orders are made at the act of delivery.

Upon receipt of the order, all items must be controlled within 24 hours, any complaints of the order received must be notified within 3 days, through the “Contact us” form.
Returns are accepted in case of damage (the item is broken or damaged), color differences but NOT gradation (object ordered in yellow and shipped in blue color), different article. The returned items must be send back within 4 days from the date of notification.

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