The design laboratory of the cooperative “Occhio del Riciclone” is an area of research oriented to devise and test new ranges of application and new productive solutions to reuse waste materials. The fashion design studio of the cooperative “Occhio del Riciclone” offers items and accessories of corporate’s merchandising and for nonprofits organizations, arising from recovery of waste materials both from the customer and the cooperative itself, in order to reuse them and enhance them through technical and working with Italian manufacture.

The design that develops this concept of reuse is mainly applied in ranges such as fashion and home d├ęcor, but also in the “on demand” realizations for companies wishing to communicate to their customers, ever more sensitive to these issues, their commitment and their attention to the correct use of resources and the respect for the environment.

Materials or unused products, furniture or objects that have fallen into disuse or partially deteriorated, through a process of de-contextualization and re-contextualization, they are transformed, assembled and reported to a new life, changing and overturning their function and their use.

Discarded materials, pre- and post-consumer, are saved by the industrial process attributable to the recycle with creations often ironic and provocative. No disposal costs then, but a creative reinterpretation of matter, saving it from landfill.

The objects created are all unique pieces, both for the nature of the raw material used, both for the artisan gesture.

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