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The reuse of waste materials is the primary aspect of the research of the laboratory of design and fashion of the cooperative “Occhio del Riciclone“, where different experiences matched to devise new application’s ranges and new sustainable product solutions.

The cooperative was founded in 2005 as a fashion and design undertaking founded on the reuse; It is concerned, then, of fashion and design production and eco-sustainable merchandising through the recovery of corporate’s pre- and post-consumer waste materials (scrap production or materials of finished objects) making them raw materials.

The intent is to do business on the Reuse through the systematization of supply of waste materials and the sale of up-cycling items for a change of paradigm of production and for a healthy environmental impact zero recycling

In 2007 was born the brand of upcycling Belt Bag, of fashion and eco-sustainable design.

The safety belts are retrieved by wreckers, sanitized and reused, through handcrafted techniques, for the production of bags and functional, resistant accessories. They created the first models with PVC (recovery of banner ads and truck tarpaulins). The care for details can be seen in the finishing and in the choice of interior linings made from recycled fabrics of broken umbrellas, textile scraps and the end of tailoring productions rolls. The bags are unique pieces, none can be the same as another, each belt is cut individually by type, discoloration and usury. The colors are predominantly in shades of black and gray, but also you can find colors like blue, green, red, brown. Redeemed from their fate of matter rejected, they are ready for new contexts and unexpected functions.

The Belt Bag Design, which develops the concept of reuse, extends also to furnishings and the realizations of on-demand projects for companies and organizations increasingly sensitive to the needs of communication and image with a high added value of ethics and sustainability of the product.

From the cooperative activities were born many experiences:

– The presentation shows of the collections of clothes and accessories Belt Bag and the performances of DiscaricalchemicA project in Rome, London, Paris and Berlin. The latest: Eur Fashion (EUR – Rome 2011) Re-Made in Italy (Isola Tiberina – Rome 2013) The food is like a film..protagonista fashion green “(Eataly – Rome 2014) Fashion Week (Euroma2 – Rome 2014 ) Prisca Pilot Project

– Production of merchandising’s items and on-demand design productions for companies and organizations such as: Ikea Anagnina, Ikea Porta di Roma, AXA MPS, ARCI National, Greenpeace, Medici senza Frontiere, Eataly Rome. (Loggia of the Captaincy – Vicenza 2014).

– Didactic training, riqualification of operators of cooperative and operations of team building through tailored courses and eco-design on Reuse.

Through the recycling of waste materials, we want to give an example of respect for the environment by reducing the amount of waste and demonstrate how waste can regain value, including economic value , through creativity and intelligence.

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